ground floor flat

Damp is a particular issue on the ground and lower ground floors as;

  1. Occupiers are less always to keep windows constantly open.
  2. It gets the fewest hours of sunshine.
  3. Warm air rises rises, cold air falls.
  4. It is closest to the exterior ground level which is the most susceptible to rainwater issues, gutters, hoppers, downpipes and gullies.
  5. It’s closes to the garden which is often built up or has objects that direct rain water onto the walls.
  6. Often the cold water mains water comes in through the ground floor, causing a cold spot for water to condense on.
  7. Design optimisation means that ground floor flats normally don’t waste the front or back with a bathroom or kitchen, so the source of water is furthest from the outside, leaving extraction issues.
  8. If there is a leak, water falls from above, and or water leaks from below the ground.
  9. Solid floors are more likely on the ground floor, plasters notoriously allow the plaster to touch the solid floor. When any damp collects, the plaster will absorb it. THIS IS NOT RISING DAMP and is simple to treat.
  10. The air at the ground level is more humid and there is less air movement (wind) the closer you are to the ground.


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