Condensation affects every property, every person – even the Queen.

Condensation challenge

Find out how good you are:

  1. Do you ever close all your windows when you’re out during the day or night?
  2. Do you ever let your internal temperature drop below 10˚C?
  3. Is there mould in you cupboard, on leather goods, cold walls or near the cold top of bedroom ceilings?
  4. Is there ever condensation on your windows?
  5. Is there any trace of dampness around external door ways or windows?
  6. Do you ever cook without using an externally vented extractor fan?
  7. Does your bathroom extractor fan have a delay of 20 minutes or more?
  8. Do you ever leave washing to dry inside, on a clothes horse, or worse still, on the radiator?
  9. Does damp form next to or below metal in or touching your wall, such as wrought iron down-pipe or  joist (RSJ)?
  10. Are you chimneys blocked?

If it “yes” to any of the above, then the first ting to do is buy a humidity meter, place it around the property observing and recording reading at different times of day – visit

Hygrometers are very cheap, from £10 and tell you how well you are doing. Even cheaper, use an old mirror, place it against a cold wall and see if water condenses.

Damp Treatment Fails

Yesterday we surveyed two properties both with damage caused by a large chemical damp proofing company. Here’s a snippet of the Plc’s failures. Damp treatment failure Ask for more details of what goes wrong when damp is misdiagnosed and why it causes more problems than it solves. Please add your comments.

Estate agent

24hr turn around Ask us for a Priority Urgent Damp Report (Damp and Timber Reports) Vendors Buyer are unhappy to spend additional money on a damp survey. Builders (damp contractors) offer quotes for works, which they call damp surveys, so what do you expect…. a £10,000 estimate for rising damp and renegotiation. Agents are seeing …

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Tenants dry clothes in properties, causing condensation! What can the Landlord do?   There is only so much a landlord can do by themselves, to get tenants to manage condensation. At Damp Surveys we have 10 years experience working with tenants and landlords as a team, to reduce humidity, and take out the risk of …

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Misdiagnosis condensation, as penetrating damp through chimney

Damp Surveys – problem damp in lower ground floor flat Misdiagnosis An independent surveyor missed the obvious signs of condensation. Sad, because you expect contractors to misdiagnose damp, after all “they are incentivised to sell”. A cold November day, 4 people living in a two bedroom lower ground floor flat, no extractor fan in kitchen nor bathroom …

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