Survey method

In assessing whether dampness and timber defects are present in a property we consider many factors including:

  • weather conditions during and preceding the survey,
  • inside and outside temperature and humidity and the orientation of each wall,
  • design and age of the property, elevation, signs of flooding and standing water,
  • cold spots and flow of cold or humid air in and around the property,
  • roofing and guttering (this is NOT a roofing report),
  • signs of drain leakage (this is NOT a plumbing survey, nor a pressure check),
  • coverings and coatings of internal and external walls,
  • existence of damp proofing, cavity wall insulation or timber treatments,
  • height of the surrounding garden, and sufficiency of ventilation,
  • moisture meter using a Protimeter“Survey Master”,

The survey is non-invasive save for a few pin sized holes, left by a measuring device. We do not lift floor coverings without written consent. We do not look in lofts unless expressly asked to do so.