Remote Surveys

Having solved thousands of damp and timber problems, all without expensive treatment, I can accurately determine the root cause of damp, ideal solution and costs remotely. If you help me, by collecting data, according to my protocol and smartphone interactive remote access.

Below is the equipment you will need to collect data in advance (available at large online retailers). I’ve made some selection. The prices and availability are likely to change. I have not tested all equipment, but most are generic and experience suggests that they work sufficiently well, to profile dampness.

Standard kit

Paper to profile damp & camera to photo damp area(s), with description, other-side of damp wall/ceiling (outside or neighbours side), photos of the property front, back and sides
£9.99Mini-damp meter, to measure and map dampness within a wall
£9.99Humidity meter with night time highs and lows, to monitor over time
£10.99Anemometer to test whether the vents are working properly, efficiently (and possibly a ladder to test the speed of the exist vents)
£14.99Laser thermometer to measure the wall temperature, and thereby calculate surface relative humidity
£22.99General tools to measure and map dampness (inside and outside), open extractor fans (carefully), test electrics (carefully), open floorboards to look, photo and test under floorboards (carefully).

Additional kit to maybe required depending on nature of damp

£12.99Nitrate test kit, to test foir hygroscopic salts.
£4.29Humidity probe to test and monitor the sub-floor humidity
£7.93Mains water pressure gauge, to test for a mains water leak
£29.99Ladder or Long selfie stick to look up into the gutters to see if they are blocked, look onto the roof, or in, under a sub-floor
£29.99Drill to make hole in damp wall to test and monitor the dampness within a wall
£3.24Raw plugs and a screw to test and monitor the dampness within a wall

I am offering the first 20 remote damp and timber surveys free.

Thereafter the cost of the remote damp and timber surveys will be £100, with my usual satisfaction and rising damp guarantees.