Rule 1: independent

Independence from contractors

The surveyor must be (and be seen to be) be independent of any treatment company or contractor, otherwise a surveyor could be tempted (or seen to be tempted) to misdiagnose and advise the wrong treatment for personal profit. A survey by a contractor is called a quote for works or an estimate.

Independent training and qualification

A surveyor should be trained and qualified through an organisation that is independent of the damp proofing industry. Unfortunately the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and therefore mortgage lenders only recognise the training and qualification of the PCA, which is directed and funded by the damp proofing industry. The Institute of Specialist Surveyors and Engineers (ISSE) is starting to offer competitive courses.

Client independence

Independence from a client and or occupier of a property. Client independence sounds like an oxymoron, however few occupiers ever admit that their lifestyle is the cause of dampness. The report may be written for the client, but it may be used for any number or purposes, including insurance claims.

We always ask for upfront payment to give greater credibility to client independence.

It is important to ask and find out as much about a property from owners, occupiers, neighbours and through the internet – but never accept everything that is said.

Consider the history and how the property is probably used.

Financial independence

Financial independence means not taking on a property that is outside a surveyors skill level or where one or more party is trying to exert influence. It is essential to consider all the interested parties, and how they may try to undermine independence.

Financial independence means not having a client that represents a significant portion of income >15{f898b7ccba74aedaf6f9f165b1651d39d829939f1b62e7036dcda8fdc0245a9d}.

Damp Surveys Ltd

Damp Surveys Ltd is independent, that is NO money is made from remedial work – so there is no motivation for us to incorrectly identify treatment as a justification for high costs.

Survey fees are our only income.

But the survey can be FREE, if rising damp is the main cause – we’d pay good money to see a genuine example in London. It’s rarer than you might think, especially with London’s geography.

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