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Damp proofing – Free

How much should you pay for damp proofing?
It should be free. Yes, normally damp proofing is completely Free.

Why Free? Because if you stop the root cause of damp, the risk of dampness and rot disappears.

Damp proofing against rising damp, condensation, penetrating damp and leaking pipes is almost always Free. The only cost is in the accurate diagnosis of the root cause, in the video there was a small additional cost of £1,000 for resolving the root cause of the damp.

Should a damp survey ever be free? The choice is;

  1. £1,000 for an independent survey and interactive online report to identify the root cause of dampness, from a surveyor independent of any building company . Or
  2. £7,500 for a “free” estimate (sometime confusingly called a survey) from a builder’s sales person, for damaging chemical work that obscures the root cause of dampness, often requiring in a few years.

Is it rising damp – ask an expert surveyor?

Case study; London house; a contractor recommends treatment for Rising Damp! “Free survey” apparently. But look, contractor had already injected chemicals last time! In fact, condensation was the issue. No cost to treat, just a few vent and humidity changes.

Free damp proofing saves buyers and owners on average £4,000 or £7,500

Damp Surveys Ltd is an independent expert damp surveying company.  DSL was incorporated following the development of technology to accurately identify the cause of damp.

Our confidence in our equipment allows us to categorically state whether or not there is a risk of rising damp. If we are satisfied that there is minimal risk of rising damp, we can offer a warrantee subject to application and conditions.

Independence is key to understanding how we operate. And why we provide a unique service quite different to any other company.

Contractors, looking for work, offer low cost, or sometimes “free” surveys. We do not and never will benefit financially from any recommendation. We are motivated to recommend optimal treatment. To protect the property now and into the future.

Your peace of mind is our goal. For you to be satisfied that the property will be properly protected against damp. And for you to recommend us in person, or by social media.

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