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Ask us for a Priority Urgent Damp Report (Damp and Timber Reports)


Buyer are unhappy to spend additional money on a damp survey. Builders (damp contractors) offer quotes for works, which they call damp surveys, so what do you expect…. a £10,000 estimate for rising damp and renegotiation.

Agents are seeing the light. If a vendor pays for the survey, they pay £199, but save themselves £10,000.

Of course if you don’t refer away from a contractor surveyor and the sale falls through, the next agent probably will refer to an independent damp surveyor. In addition to losing income, the vendor might well write a poor review about your service.

Money back guarantee

We offer a money back guarantee if we find rising damp (virtually impossible in London as the water is pumped out). So what’s the risk to the vendor.

Ask for Urgent Damp Report

Top 15 examples of Urgent Damp Report.

Urgent Damp Report
Urgent Damp Report
  1. Homebuyer Damp & Timber Report
  2. Another Damp & Timber Report
  3. Expert Witness Damp Report
  4. Homebuyer D&T Report
  5. Homebuyers Damp Report
  6. Interstitial Condensation Damp Report
  7. Vendor Damp Report
  8. Tenant Damp Report
  9. Shoddy Builders Damp Report
  10. Prepurchase Damp Report
  11. Leaking Roof Damp Report
  12. Leak Check Damp Report
  13. Landlords Assessment
  14. DIY SOS Damp Report – How not to Damp Proof
  15. Commercial Damp and Timber Report – fungus in Basement

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