We aim to correctly identify and trace to its root cause, all form of dampness.

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datalogger from mouldy property


85% of damp issues in the home involve some degree of excess humidity, be it condensation or insufficient evaporation. Data over time will help determine to what degree vapour is influencing the main area of concern.

What is rising damp

Rising damp

Rising damp is a symptom of groundwater in contact with a building. What is rising damp? Rising damp is a form of dampness that occurs, particularly in older buildings, when groundwater rises up through walls, floors and masonry via capillary action, which is the ability of a liquid to flow in narrow spaces in opposition …

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Damp misdiagnosed as requiring treatment

Rising damp market

The market for rising damp treatment The figure or £200 Million market for rising damp market is widely banded about.  Large specialist damp proofers probably account for 50% of the market. Kenwood, Rentokil, Tapco, Peter Cox, Lifecote, Timberwise, ProTen, Rosewood, Bryhill, Swiftcure etc. Frank Schrijver is a dutch system. It may work in theory, but the downside is the …

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Estate agent

24hr turn around Ask us for a Priority Urgent Damp Report (Damp and Timber Reports) Vendors Buyer are unhappy to spend additional money on a damp survey. Builders (damp contractors) offer quotes for works, which they call damp surveys, so what do you expect…. a £10,000 estimate for rising damp and renegotiation. Agents are seeing …

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The aim is to record and upload all the various forms of damp issue in a private, non-identifiable way, to help the wider understanding of dampness in properties and in particular, London’s ageing but glorious stately, heritage and period properties.   Do comment and send feedback.