Most plumbing leaks are sudden and obvious. Slow leakage such as from a slightly ruptured pipe is difficult to identify, as are below ground level leaks in the subfloor void, from a mains water pipe, main sewage pipe, rain water pipe or similarly from a neighbour’s pipe.

Limitation of our surveys

If damp is caused by a leek, or if we see one we will report it. We do not perform a plumbing survey and may not identify waste water, below ground level leaks or other plumbing leaks. If we suspect that damp is caused by faulty plumbing we will recommend a plumbing survey.

Leaks are as follows

  1. Leaks result from damaged pipes, either
    1. under pressure, such as
      1. heating system or
      2. main water
    2. waste water (grey water) pipes,
      1. above ground or
      2. below ground,
  2. Leaking rainwater good, roofs (often considered penetrating damp).
  3. From wet areas such as shower, bath or kitchen.