Poor ventilation in recent conversion flats


Damp patches, characterised by black mould spots and peeling paint, have been identified on the interior walls of the front room, bedroom, and living area near the patio doors of a ground-floor flat. These issues are mirrored in the top-floor flat along the same exterior side of the house, indicating a widespread damp problem throughout the building. The occupants, who share the freehold, suspect that defective rendering on the external wall might be contributing to the moisture ingress. A joint survey has been proposed to address these concerns comprehensively. A builder has estimated remedial costs of £10,000.
In the meantime, the resident of the upper flat is using humidifiers and heaters to mitigate the damp and mould.

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What does the damp report say are the main causes of damp and main actions to stop damp?

¿Qué dice el informe de humedad sobre las principales causas de la humedad y las principales acciones para detenerla?
नमी की रिपोर्ट के अनुसार नमी के मुख्य कारण और नमी को रोकने के लिए मुख्य कार्य क्या हैं?
Que dit le rapport sur l’humidité concernant les principales causes de l’humidité et les principales actions pour l’arrêter?
Was sagt der Feuchtigkeitsbericht über die Hauptursachen von Feuchtigkeit und die Hauptmaßnahmen zur Bekämpfung von Feuchtigkeit?
Что говорится в отчете о влажности о основных причинах влажности и основных действиях по ее устранению?
Cosa dice il rapporto sull’umidità riguardo le principali cause dell’umidità e le principali azioni per fermarla?

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