Kenwood damp proofing slurry breached

The damp wall has been damp proofed twice: Once with plastic membrane and by Kenwood Damp Proofing with “waterproof tanking”, an impermeable slurry – who quoted £35,000 for additional work. Both methods were breached, Kenwood’s within about a year. Discover why and how simple and cheap it is to treat damp, if you treat the root causes!

Hygroscopic salts and mould in 2 flats

Why might sand/cement render not be the end-all solution for your Victorian home in Wimbledon? Our latest damp survey reveals a surprising twist: the real culprits—hygroscopic salts and inadequate insulation.

Everything’s a nail to a hammer

When damp proofers only know how to wield a hammer, every damp spot looks like a nail for rising damp treatments. This narrow toolkit can motivate the misdiagnosis of rising damp, missing the real issue and its correct long term fix.

Condensation dribble marks

Say goodbye to damp mouldy walls! Our latest survey uncovers how proper ventilation, dehumidification and targeted insulation can transform your home into a cosy, mould-free haven.

Damp proofing efficacy rainwater

The hidden culprits in a Victorian flat: Look beyond surface treatments to tackling penetrating and hygroscopic salts. Insights and solutions for a healthier, drier home.

Damp proofing efficacy mould

Got damp? Think again before placing wine on that cold chimney floor! Our Battersea Victorian house survey exposes how simple habits and overlooked issues like poor insulation can turn damp proofing sour. Learn the surprising truths and easy fixes to keep your home dry and mould-free.

Damp Proofing efficacy against leaks

Damp proofing treatment – pros and cons. Here damp proofer’s slurry fails to stop a leak, now repaired and penetrating damp from a neighbour’s blocked gutter.

Damp Proofing efficacy Hygroscopic Salts

Damp proofing treatment – pros and cons. Here damp proofer’s slurry fails to stop hygroscopic salts, plus residual damp from a blocked drain, now repaired.