Simon Hichens

Damp misdiagnosed as requiring treatment

Rising damp market

The market for rising damp treatment The figure or £200 Million market for rising damp market is widely banded about.  Large specialist damp proofers probably account for 50% of the market. Kenwood, Rentokil, Tapco, Peter Cox, Lifecote, Timberwise, ProTen, Rosewood, Bryhill, Swiftcure etc. Frank Schrijver is a dutch system. It may work in theory, but the downside is the …

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Mould Heath Concerns

Health effects of moulds: State of knowledge These are the results of ‘peer reviewed’ scientific/medical papers:“In July of 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) published its position paper on indoor moulds and Indoor Air Quality. Contrary to what many people in the mould remediation business want to believe, the WHO guidelines reinforced the findings of the 2004 Institute of …

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Damp Treatment Fails

Yesterday we surveyed two properties both with damage caused by a large chemical damp proofing company. Here’s a snippet of the Plc’s failures. Damp treatment failure Ask for more details of what goes wrong when damp is misdiagnosed and why it causes more problems than it solves. Please add your comments.

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